The Photographer

Having the fortune of being born and raised in Northern Ontario, I have always enjoyed the outdoors, feeling particularly blessed by the wonderment and diversity of our landscape, wildlife and especially our seasons. While I have always observed and appreciated what I deemed to be "God's Country", it was not until my university years that I actually began to capture it on film.

I now call home Ottawa, located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. While it is a more urban centre then my Northern roots, I am minutes from finding myself surrounded by hundreds of fresh water lakes and rivers, unlimited hectares of forest, and an abundance of wildlife. Most recently I have begun to appreciate and capture more of the urban flavour of my surroundings which I am pleased to share with you as well.

This website is my way of bringing to your eyes what I have the fortune of seeing and photographing everyday - I trust you will enjoy the viewing and I welcome your feedback.

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